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some of the beatles early photo shoots confuse the hell out of me like what


why the fuck is paul leaning on a random ass log and wtf why rope what


eyeliner need i say more


this is v morbid i’m


what’s john holding why is there an umbrella what’s on paul’s head what


cyn why do you have a plant on your head wtf is going on 


why are they holding cleaning supplies i’m (tbh idfk what john’s holding)



what the fuck

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We all contributed a lot to the songs, and I didn’t care who played what. I was pleased to have Paul play that bit on ‘Taxman’. If you notice, he even did a little Indian thing for me. And John played a brilliant solo on ‘Honey Pie’ that sounded like Django Reinhardt or something. It was one of those things where you close your eyes and happen to hit all the right notes. If someone is going to make my song sound better, it doesn’t matter to my guitar player’s ego.
George Harrison, Guitar Player magazine (1987)

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100 Year Old Marine Vet Receives Birthday Cake Marines from Detachment 1, Communications Company, Combat Logistics Regiment 45, 4th Marine Logistics Group, of Peru, Ind., delivered a birthday cake and a signed letter from the Commandant of the Marine Corps to Marine Corps Veteran Mary Cochrane for her 100th birthday. Cochrane served as a motor transportation operator during WorldWar II. Video by: Lance Cpl. Brytani Musick

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